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    Great expertise since 1996 in new digital technologies. Real know-how in outsourcing development technologies and a very experienced board of directors. Senior advisers in construction and artificial intelligence.







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    We have been experts in the field of New Technologies for 26 years: our goal is to reduce the number of accidents thanks to technology. We are based in Israel, where our Research & Development centre is based, as well as in France.

    Since 2016, we focus on the workers’ safety in Construction and Public Works sites. After spending 4 years on the ground, investigating everything to the smallest details, we developed a powerful tool capable of answering to all the problems occurring in construction sites. Our system improves consistently.

    Accidents in the sector of building construction are a worldwide problem. As we can imagine, they generate terrible human fatalities and family-related problems.

    Today, construction sites are more and more complex and time-consuming. The lack of working force is a major problem and people have to quickly recruit amongst a pool of low-skilled workers. A lot of time is required to train them to such a difficult job.

    These accidents are considerably expensive for the country, for insurances, and for companies; the estimated cost is hundreds of millions of dollars. A French survey has shown that accidents represent 5% of the total cost of a construction site.

    We have created and developed a platform that offers a solution to the number one priority of construction companies: to protect and warn workers against accidents.

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    Our Goal

    Efficient and accessible security for all thanks to our technology’s power.

    When workers’ health is a priority, our new generation technology, SafetyBIM, offers to preserve the wellbeing of your entire team.

    SafetyBIM, Free-risk constructions for the benefit of all