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    Predictability : To anticipatein order to protect our companions and the entire society against future risks.



    Is your company struggling with accidents’ financial implications? We collect and analyse the available information.


    We create a precise mapping of the risks, the costs and the measures to be implemented to each construction site.


    Based on methods, processes and algorithms, this step allows us to provide you with customised hypotheses and risking curves ...


    By means of Artificial Intelligence, we propose solutions in order to act in advance and on the ground.

    We use the available information. This way, you will improve your ability to take legal and financial decisions for the workers’ risk prevention. Data, which turns into information, can be efficiently applied and disseminated by the user.

    Prevention of risks and accidents for the safety of workers on construction sites, with push / pull notifications and real-time alerts in the event of danger.

    Real-time risk and

    accident prevention

    With SafetyBIM,technology is at the service of safety in the Construction and Public Works sector.  Our innovative system brings together the interconnection between sites and workers and Artificial Intelligence in order to prevent all sorts of accidents and risks for the people in the construction site’s environment. 

    Further safety entails

    further productivity

    The Construction and Public Works sector is the sector most exposed to risks. According to a French study from the Health Insurance, accidents cost us approximately 6 million working days per year. One accident every 2 minutes has been reported in the construction sector.

    Accident costs represent 5% of the construction site’s expenses.

    To improve the safety of our sites is to provide a better working environment to the employees, while enhancing productivity and reducing the company’s direct and indirect expenditures.