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    Deployment of SafetyBIM in the construction site, our companions’ intelligent safety


    Accidents and financial consequences in your company: We collect and analyze the available human resource, financial and project information.


    We will be able to define for your a precise mapping of risks, costs and measures to be taken according to the sites.


    This phase, based on our methods, processes and algorithms, will allow us to provide you with hypotheses and risk curves ...


    We integrate solution hypotheses based on and act upstream and in the field by setting up a system.


    We are in charge of deploying the entirety of our hardware and software systems on site.

    We connect our security system in all types of construction sites: inside or outside, underground or through tunnels.

    On-site connection: No Wi-Fi or 4G networks are available in your construction site? No problem… Our improved machine-to-machine connection (M2M) links machines and humans, without having to resort to the Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G networks.

    This exclusive system allows us to easily secure an entire construction site without the need of a mobile phone. 

    The SafetyBIM digital rollers will send warnings and information, via the emergency button, to yourcompanions and interveners.

    Intelligent sensors will also be connected to the sites in order to detect and warn against dangers (fire, humidity, heat, gas) in real time. 

    Our intelligent sensors detect:


    Fires/ Carbon monoxide



    Heart rhythm

    Other risks according to sites

    SafetyBIM digitalises interconnectedconstruction sites, which are linked in conformity with the RGPD standards of the CNIL.

    SafetyBIM is the first IoT system with Artificial Intelligence on the market.