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    Managing SafetyBIMin a real-time construction site:



    Accidents and financial consequences in your company: We collect and analyze the available human resource, financial and project information.


    We will be able to define for your a precise mapping of risks, costs and measures to be taken according to the sites.


    This phase, based on our methods, processes and algorithms, will allow us to provide you with hypotheses and risk curves ...


    We integrate solution hypotheses based on and act upstream and in the field by setting up a system.

    Our teams meet with your employees and intervene during the site’s working hours in order to act, train and listen to the people as well as to optimise our system.Throughout this step, our resources are unlimited.


    The SafetyBIM Dashboard allows us to centre and consult all information to ensure the prevention and warning of your teams. This way, you will have an accurate knowledge of your teams and have an exact idea of who is on site in real time. All this will be made possible through your mobile or website.

    The prevention officer will therefore have access to the totality of the information regarding his or her construction sites via one single tool.

    Through the workers’ rollers, SafetyBIMsends sound or visual alarms in real time, automatically or manually, according to the danger zones.

    With the emergency button, workers can put themselves on alert in the case of an accident. According to each site’s configuration, we localise the place of the accident and inform the entire emergency team. This way, you buy precious time.

    Sharing the


    Notifications and security guidelines are shared with all the people present on site or outside



    In case of danger, each person on site is warned in real time thanks to our IoT system with Artificial Intelligence

    Staff and equipment


    At all time, the map shows you where your staff and installations are, so you can be as responsive as possible in the event of a safety warning

    Data retrieval

    and analysis

    Data is analysed to improve risk prevention, and carefully and anonymously stored in conformity with the RGPD rules.

    SafetyBIM is an essential and efficient solution to protect, alert and warn workers against real-time risks on site.

    You can control and know who is in your construction site, the duration of the people’s stay, and their location on site. You can also know when your material has arrived… In real time, through your web screen or mobile phone.