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    Analyse des datas sur les chantiers



    Accidents and financial consequences in your company: We collect and analyze the available human resource, financial and project information.


    We will be able to define for your a precise mapping of risks, costs and measures to be taken according to the sites.


    This phase, based on our methods, processes and algorithms, will allow us to provide you with hypotheses and risk curves ...


    We integrate solution hypotheses based on and act upstream and in the field by setting up a system.

    Our teams work with your teams for the duration of the work to act, train, listen and optimize our system. We are limiting no resources on this part.

    With Safetybim edges: VSenter and consult all the information for prevention, alerting your teams. You know the exact status of your teams in the field in real time and remotely on web and mobile.

    SafetyBIM sends alerts and audible or visual in real time automatically or manually on the workers’ rollers depending on the danger zones.

    The SOS button allows companions to warn of accidents. We can locate it and thus save precious time



    Notifications and safety instructions are shared with everyone present on the site or outside

    More security for

    more alert

    In the event of danger, each person present on the site is warned in real time thanks to our IoT system with artificial intelligence

    Location of personnel

    and equipment

    At all times, you know where your facilities and teams are located with the plan in order to be as responsive as possible in the event of a security alert

    Data collection

    and analysis

    Data is analyzed to improve risk prevention
    Archived anonymously and securely, in accordance with GDPR rules.

    Our tool will be able to collect a quantity of data never before identified in the Construction and Public Works sector. The data will be converted into a resolution strategy, a guiding principle for prevention.

    It also identifies the type of profile of the people at risk, the most dangerous sites, and establishes specific measures to train and increase awareness. Finally, it impacts the resources that are made available for your prevention service…

    We digitalise connected sites and use the data to ensure optimised interactions and productivity via Artificial Intelligence. The connection is established through our API (Application Programming Interface), linked to your BIM tools.

    Thus, we are hoping to bring a new principle that would ensure the companies with the most adequate measures and budget to reduce the number of accidents in construction sites.

    Obviously, the innovative dimension of this practical measure will be beneficial to your company’s image in the eyes of your teams. You will be able to put it up for pre-sales in the context of RSE rules.