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    SafetyBIM’s technology uses its AI-static power toprovide projections according to the information collected before starting the construction site. We can determine the site’s risks and the required costs.The AI SafetyBIM power brings a new vision to pre-execution risks on site, which are ultimately costly.

    SafetyBIM brings safety on site to all the workers, regardless of the activity duration, the location and the tasks.When risks are detected, SafetyBIM automatically or manually sends a sound warning to the workers or people in the surrounding areas. This is done according to established parameters and anonymously. 

    The predictable modelling is based on the traffic, the localisation, the people’s movements, natural external elements, wind, heat, and air quality. Our system integrates all those criteria.

    Safetybim collects a variety of exclusive data that can be integrated to BIM (Building Information Modelling)in real time.This set of information automatically alleviates risks, isolates risk areas, displays information that have never been used until now, and improves the company’s productivity in order to invest human and financial resources where necessary.

    SafetyBIM measures risks to support and facilitate the task of prevention agents on site. Therefore, the company reduces legal risks and improves financial margins.

    A real site dashboard is made available in order to anticipate and understand security measures, as well as to improve, logically, productivity in real time.